Thank you for stopping by and for trying to learn more about us.  We really appreciate it.   We are in the process of re-designing and improving... EVERYTHING!  Our website, social media, marketing, branding, you name it.  Our continued dedication to our valued clients is always our first business priority, but in the mean time, we fell a little behind finessessing all of the behind the scenes magic that helps us provide the service we want to provide.  So we decided to slow down things down a little bit to ensure we can get things done once and for all.  Well, sort of... If you know us, we're always improving, growing, learning...

Thank you for your patience during this process.  We're getting close!!  Our new target date is Autumn 2018!  In the mean time… we are still here to help with all your real estate needs.   If you're interested in selling or purchasing residential real estate in West Micihgan and the Lake Michigan shoreline, please don't hesitate to call 269.998.4574, or email jeff@swmihomesales.com



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